Meet the staff of Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors!

Brae Buckner

“Hey y’all! My name is Brae. I am originally from Southside, Alabama, but have lived in Auburn for the past five years. I recently graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management. Hunters are the backbone of conservation, and I am so blessed that Great Southern Outdoors has given me a chance to utilize my degree while sharing my passion for the outdoors with others.”

Khimie Parrish

“I was introduced to the hunting world in 2001. When I started hunting, I was not around women and sometimes I would feel a little out of place. While hunting in Alabama, I had the opportunity to take my first White Tail Deer and from that point in my life my passion for the outdoors grew stronger.
I learned that the outdoor world has more to offer than taking game. While sitting in a tree stand or a ground blind watching the life out there, you learn a lot from the animals as they communicate amongst themselves. I had the opportunity to get in a club in Florida in 2006 where I was able to hunt with other women who have the same passion as I do. I learned to hunt with a bow and was able to take my first hog, deer, and turkey while bow hunting. As an avid hunter I have been able to hunt deer, hogs, turkeys, quail, pheasant, and doves.
Great Southern Outdoors have given me the opportunity to pursue my passion to introduce more women to the outdoors on a much broader scale then I could have ever imagined. I love being able to give them the same encouragement and support that I was given.”

Charlie Cooley

Charlie got her start hunting at an early age. When she was young, she would accompany her dad scouting deer as he carried her through thickets, creeks, and ridges until she was old enough to walk. This became a ritual until she was old enough to handle a firearm. She killed her first buck at age nine, which sparked an obsession. Charlie is now a skilled hunter and outdoorswoman. She has always been aware of the importance of wildlife conservation and safe hunting practices. Her patience is also unmatched, which propels her success in the outdoors. Her dedication to her family, friends, and the outdoors is truly an inspiration to all that have the chance to meet her.