May 15, 2018

The Pink Paradox
Brae Buckner

The outdoor industry is an ever-changing world that has shifted in recent years to accommodate the surge of women hunters joining the ranks alongside men. One of the problems women have unnecessarily had to encounter when preparing for various hunts is finding apparel that fits. For years, the concept of designing clothes that fit differently among men and women seemed to have been lost on many outdoor apparel companies. Many decided that simply tossing in a few splashes of hot pink on to a smaller version of the men’s line would suffice. Disregarding comfort, and more importantly, functionality, led to women being forced to trek through the woods in clothing that only hindered their mission.

Luckily for us, we spoke, and they listened.

More outdoor apparel companies are now tailoring their products to what women actually want. Comfort, fit, and practicality are all characteristics women look for when finding a brand that works for them, not what shade of pink the seams are. Thankfully, many big-name outdoor companies are now focusing on these preferences, while still complementing feminine features. Finally, we don’t have to deal with unnecessarily wide pant legs, sleeves that go past our fingertips, or big jackets that only restrict our movement, but are considered “women’s clothing” because they have pink intertwined throughout the patterns. We have choices now. So, go ahead and buy the pink accented camouflage, if that is what you prefer. But isn’t it nice to finally have options? Bashing the color pink in hunting gear is not the takeaway message here; but until we start hunting flamingos, it is no longer a necessity.

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