May 14, 2018

Alright ladies, it’s time to give ourselves some credit. Do you know how much we actually contribute to the outdoor industry? The outdoor industry is no longer just a man’s world. Since 2001, the number of licensed female hunters has increased from 1.8 million women to 3.34 million in 2013. That is an 85% increase! According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, 11% of all hunters in the United States are now female. Women are now becoming more involved in hunting, fishing, and shooting sports than ever before. With this surge of participation in outdoor sports, it means women are contributing millions of dollars to the conservation of our wildlife with their purchases of hunting licenses, firearms, and other hunting equipment. How awesome is that?! Brenda Valentine, spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation summed it up best. “Across the board, women are more independent than they’ve ever been, and they realize they are capable of hunting.” At Outdoor Women of Alabama, we could not be more thrilled with the rising numbers of women getting involved in the outdoor world.

Women have often been hesitant to get involved in outdoor activities because of the lack of a female presence. Across the country, women are joining forces and creating groups exclusively for the women interested in the outdoors. Many of these groups sponsor ladies’ hunts and other group activities, as well as workshops and courses designed to educate women without judgement or intimidation on how to get their start in the field. The Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors welcomes all women to join a group of ladies that share the same passion.

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